The Girls

Meet The Girls

At present I have 2 adult breeding girls.

Kamik Katrina

Ruby is a red point Siamese. I am thrilled to have a red point girl again and hope she will go on to have some beautiful red and tortie point kittens. She has a wonderful pedigree. Ruby is very naughty and always up to mischief. She is the only one of my cats who likes to use the exercise wheel. If you say “good girl Ruby” she gallops faster and faster!

Mylynn Musik of the Night

Molly is a seal Point Siamese bred by my good friend, Lynne Studer. She is still really a baby but is very outgoing, confident and cuddly. I have shown her once so far when she was lucky enough to win Best of Variety Kitten. Ruby has taught her to use the exercise wheel and she absolutely loves it!

Jomese The Jinger Whinger

Betsy is the daughter of Kamik Katrina and Ch Shermese Hiawatha. She is very outgoing and dwarfs her mother! She is very well grown for her age and has done exceptionally well in her short show career to date. Hopefully she will appear back on the show bench as an adult once we are again able to show.

Sadly Betsy recently had to have an emergency caesarean and lost all 7 of the kittens she was carrying. She then had to fight for her life when she developed a severe infection in her caesarean incision within 24 hours which spread to her womb and through her muscle wall resulting in major surgery and the removal of womb. It was touch and go for 48 hours but very thankfully she slowly recovered and is now back to herself.

Hopefully once shows begin again she will return to the show bench as a pampered neuter.


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