The Girls

Meet The Girls

At present I have 2 adult breeding girls and 2 young girls who I hope to breed from later this year.

The girls are:

Tintally Catalyze

Lottie is a blue point Siamese. She is a very gentle and beautiful girl with a coat like silk. She has had one litter so far and raised her babies so well, despite being a first time mummy. All her babies are happily settled and much loved in pet homes.

Copy of pedigree available on request.

Tintally Twilight

Leah is an unusual colour - a fawn tabby point. Her colour and pattern give her a very delicate look. She too has had one litter to date and was also a very good mum. She fed her babies so well that they didn’t want to start eating for themselves! She, like Lottie, is a very gentle girl. Her babies are also happily settled as much loved family pets.

Copy of pedigree available on request.

Kamik Katrina

Ruby is a red point Siamese. She is still just a kitten as yet but I am thrilled to have a red point girl again and hope she will go on to have some beautiful red and tortie point kittens. She has a wonderful pedigree. Ruby is very naughty and always up to mischief. She is the only one of my cats who likes to use the exercise wheel. If you say “good girl Ruby” she gallops faster and faster!

Mylynn Musik of the Night

Molly is a seal Point Siamese bred by my good friend, Lynne Studer. She is still really a baby but is very outgoing, confident and cuddly. I have shown her once so far when she was lucky enough to win Best of Variety Kitten. Ruby has taught her to use the exercise wheel and she absolutely loves it!


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